Lululemon IMC Project

This was a group project for Integrated Marketing Communications class.  The idea was to take an existing brand and promote a new product line within the brand.  This project introduced a men’s athletic line to the Lululemon brand.  The focus  to bring the brand to a young, professional, urban male target and away from the associateion with yoga and the feminine side of the brand.  This was reflected in a rugged, athletic and independent man who was ready to conquer all of his fitness goals and push himself to become “limitless” which was the big idea for the new athletic men’s wear line.

Here is a link to the powerpoint presentation:  IMC LULU-FINAL


Out of Home Project

This was a group project on Out of Home media including the history, different types of OOH Advertising and the pros and cons of this type of media.  Digital technology has impacted OOH in a big way and soon we may be interacting with billboards that have visual recognition of our age, sex and even ethnicity!

Click on the link below to access the project.

OOH Powerpoint