Grolsch Beer Ad found on bus stop in Toronto


In the summer I found this ad with the tag “Choose Interesting”  and I really liked it because it works to promote the Grolsch beer brand while also sponsoring the tiff which is an international film festival in Toronto that brings a lot of American film stars to the city.  Advertising on the side of a bus shelter is not new media but it does show the effectiveness of traditional out of home media  The pedestrian traffic on Bay Street in Toronto where I found this ad is very high so this ad would get a lot of “eyeballs” which is one of the measurements that I learned about in school that I think is kind of humourous but true.


Creativity is the Root of Expression in the Digital Age

I just came across a great blog post Joan Larsen Shares: Amazing Food Art! which reminded me that creativity and art can be carried throughout many forms in our lives. As human beings, we are constantly expressing ourselves and using creativity in everything that we do.  The post is about amazing food art which shows how creativity can be applied to something so basic as a fruit or vegetable ultimately revealing a work of art.  Whether we are cooking a meal, knitting a scarf or coming up with creative solutions for clients at work –  everything we do has a creative element.

Curiosity is a part of human nature and this leads us to explore the many facets of our imagination.   As a media student, I came up with creative briefs and advertising campaigns which we then presented in class.  I also use my creativity to write this blog and do online marketing for e-books.

Social media is automatically allowing humans to express themselves in many ways through comments, content and pictures.  Companies are in turn engage with their customers through these channels and share in the conversation which gives them a chance to listen to what their audience wants and hopefully cater to their desires.  Companies are getting creative with social media marketing and this allows them to engage with their customers which is often done by creative means and conversations.

In a nutshell, each person can be recognized for their creative expression by anyone in the world. And we can go further to have a conversation about it.  This is why I love media – for the connection that it creates.

Social Media


Social Media influences our personal and work relationships. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram provide us with the power to connect through words, pictures and video.  The platforms that we have today are constantly evolving with new features and many are generating revenue through advertising.  The ability for a social media platform to monetize itself may contribute to its future survival.  There will likely be many new social media sites that develop according to our need to communicate in various ways.  It will be interesting to see how social media will be used in sales and marketing with companies connecting with consumers and getting instant feedback.  Marketing and advertising is no longer a one way street.  If a company wants to survive in the future they will have no choice but to listen to what their customers want and adapt to meet these needs.  Much of this discussion will happen on social media channels.  Big brands in the Fortune 500 companies already know that a digital campaign that includes social media will increase revenues and improve the way the consumer views their brand making them more trustworthy if they are willing to listen through the use of social media.

Instagram Presentation

This group project examines a fairly new social media platform and the first to completely launch on mobile.  The project examines two top players Nike and Starbucks.  Both companies use Instagram to show the importance of customer experiences with the brands and used campaigns that connected directly with their customers.  Instagram is definitely a great tool to build customer loyalty to a brand.

Click on the lint to the presentation here:  Instagram Presentation

Burberry Digital Media Buy

This project was a lot of fun to put together because through my research I found out that Burberry was the top brand when it came to implementing its digital media campaigns across all social media platforms.  In this project I created a campaign around the introduction of a new perfume Burberry’s  Enchantment.  I used a microsite for the campaign which would allow for interaction between the social media and the brand.  I envisioned contests and engagement with the brand by proposing that the client would upload their favourite enchanting moments.  This was based on an actual campaign that Burberry did for the signature trenchcoat entitled “Art of the Trench.”  Former CEO Angela Ahrents had a mission to make Burberry the number one luxury brand targeting the Generation Y market – and she succeeded!  I found out through my research that digital media is affected by changes that are happening by the minute! Measurement of digital is improving because of companies like Comscore which puts together reports based on data from website analytics.  Digital is now expected to be included with any traditional media such as television on a media buy and in the future it will shift to be the most important part of the media buy.

Please click below for the Burberry Enchantment Project:

Burberry Enchantment Digital Media Plan


Content Marketing: Engaging Audiences through Digital Media

Content Marketing: Engaging Audiences through Digital Media

I recently had the exciting opportunity to participate in the conceptualization and planning of a Business Talks Event through Humber College. . Our class was able to put together a conference that encompassed some of the hottest topics in advertising today – Content Marketing, Digital Media and Engagement.  We enlisted some great industry professionals as speakers including our Keynote Brian Sheppard,  Executive Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi Canada.

So what is behind the  concept of content marketing?  It begins with interactive media platforms found on digital systems which present content such as text, graphics video and audio and take the form of blogs, social media, mobile apps, games and other formats that haven’t even been conceptualized yet! Through these platforms, an interaction takes place between the brand and the consumer.  These points of contact can be as simple as “liking ”  or “following” a brand on their social media sites or getting involved in a contest that has the audience uploading pictures to instagram or giving their opinions on a product through chats and comments.  Whatever the interaction is,  the brand wants to connect and engage with its target audience.  In the case of an innovator like Burberry, connecting digitally  means engaging with customers through livestreaming of fashion shows and creating microsites for campaigns like Burberry Kisses  and Art of the Trench.  Even though sending a kiss to a loved one or uploading a picture of a favourite Burberry item  may seem gimmicky; it personalizes the brand’s interaction with consumers and is really a smart way to humanize technology.

Brands with a clear strategy like Burberry, Coca-Cola  and Nike have re-invented themselves as media outlets in their own right,  and are at the top of their game in competing with publishers and traditional media for the attention of the consumer particularily Generation Y which represents a billion dollar market.  This generation of consumers are desensitised to traditional media and are spending more and more time on mobile devices.  They are not happy to have advertising thrust upon them but will choose how when and where they interact with a brand.  Ultimately, brands must find out where their audience is and then engage them with interesting content.

Burberry Digital Footprint

I learned that the best way to gauge a company’s digital media activity is to do a digital media footprint analysis.  This means going to every social media site that you think you may find a brand and evaluating how they are doing on that site and how well they integrate their marketing message across all social media platforms.  I did a project on Burberry and I found that as a luxury brand, they control most of the content on all of their social media sites.  Most of the sites are used as a promotional tool to get the word out about new products and fashion shows.  Burberry as a brand does not participate officially in sharing an blogging on social media sites such as Flickr, Stumbleupon and Tumblr.  They also do not have much interaction with the user on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google + because they remain aloof intentionally to create a “snob appeal” associated with their high-end brand.  Overall, Burberry is very active on social media reaching out to a young professional demographic and controls most of the content to maintain a high standard.

For the Burberry Digital Footprint PDF, click here.