Blogging 201 What are my Blogging Goals?

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Why I am blogging?  To explore all things media!  I just graduated from Advertising Media Management from Humber College and I want to work through and clarify my knowledge of advertising and media by writing about it.  I also want to understand blogging and become a better writer.  This will be an opportunity to learn from others and to get connected with like minded individuals. My goals for my blog are:

  • Publish at least 2 times a week for February and March
  • Start a new blog by the summer June 2015
  • Spend 1 hour each week visiting my follower’s blogs, reading their posts and commenting on their work from now until April 1
  • Create a weekly feature Trendy Tuesdays where I look at what is happening on the horizon
  • Increase my average daily hits 25% by the end of 2015

Overall, I want to blog to give myself direction and also to discipline myself to write a few times a week and publish what I write.  Eventually, I want to build a business that combines my writing skills, business skills and media skills. I hope that writing this blog will be the beginning of my research in finding my niche.


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