Creativity is the Root of Expression in the Digital Age

I just came across a great blog post Joan Larsen Shares: Amazing Food Art! which reminded me that creativity and art can be carried throughout many forms in our lives. As human beings, we are constantly expressing ourselves and using creativity in everything that we do.  The post is about amazing food art which shows how creativity can be applied to something so basic as a fruit or vegetable ultimately revealing a work of art.  Whether we are cooking a meal, knitting a scarf or coming up with creative solutions for clients at work –  everything we do has a creative element.

Curiosity is a part of human nature and this leads us to explore the many facets of our imagination.   As a media student, I came up with creative briefs and advertising campaigns which we then presented in class.  I also use my creativity to write this blog and do online marketing for e-books.

Social media is automatically allowing humans to express themselves in many ways through comments, content and pictures.  Companies are in turn engage with their customers through these channels and share in the conversation which gives them a chance to listen to what their audience wants and hopefully cater to their desires.  Companies are getting creative with social media marketing and this allows them to engage with their customers which is often done by creative means and conversations.

In a nutshell, each person can be recognized for their creative expression by anyone in the world. And we can go further to have a conversation about it.  This is why I love media – for the connection that it creates.


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