Social Media


Social Media influences our personal and work relationships. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram provide us with the power to connect through words, pictures and video.  The platforms that we have today are constantly evolving with new features and many are generating revenue through advertising.  The ability for a social media platform to monetize itself may contribute to its future survival.  There will likely be many new social media sites that develop according to our need to communicate in various ways.  It will be interesting to see how social media will be used in sales and marketing with companies connecting with consumers and getting instant feedback.  Marketing and advertising is no longer a one way street.  If a company wants to survive in the future they will have no choice but to listen to what their customers want and adapt to meet these needs.  Much of this discussion will happen on social media channels.  Big brands in the Fortune 500 companies already know that a digital campaign that includes social media will increase revenues and improve the way the consumer views their brand making them more trustworthy if they are willing to listen through the use of social media.


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