Burberry Digital Media Buy

This project was a lot of fun to put together because through my research I found out that Burberry was the top brand when it came to implementing its digital media campaigns across all social media platforms.  In this project I created a campaign around the introduction of a new perfume Burberry’s  Enchantment.  I used a microsite for the campaign which would allow for interaction between the social media and the brand.  I envisioned contests and engagement with the brand by proposing that the client would upload their favourite enchanting moments.  This was based on an actual campaign that Burberry did for the signature trenchcoat entitled “Art of the Trench.”  Former CEO Angela Ahrents had a mission to make Burberry the number one luxury brand targeting the Generation Y market – and she succeeded!  I found out through my research that digital media is affected by changes that are happening by the minute! Measurement of digital is improving because of companies like Comscore which puts together reports based on data from website analytics.  Digital is now expected to be included with any traditional media such as television on a media buy and in the future it will shift to be the most important part of the media buy.

Please click below for the Burberry Enchantment Project:

Burberry Enchantment Digital Media Plan



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