Burberry Digital Footprint

I learned that the best way to gauge a company’s digital media activity is to do a digital media footprint analysis.  This means going to every social media site that you think you may find a brand and evaluating how they are doing on that site and how well they integrate their marketing message across all social media platforms.  I did a project on Burberry and I found that as a luxury brand, they control most of the content on all of their social media sites.  Most of the sites are used as a promotional tool to get the word out about new products and fashion shows.  Burberry as a brand does not participate officially in sharing an blogging on social media sites such as Flickr, Stumbleupon and Tumblr.  They also do not have much interaction with the user on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google + because they remain aloof intentionally to create a “snob appeal” associated with their high-end brand.  Overall, Burberry is very active on social media reaching out to a young professional demographic and controls most of the content to maintain a high standard.

For the Burberry Digital Footprint PDF, click here.


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